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August 2013


At Design Development NYC, we like to ask a lot of questions. But, this month, editor Gabrielle Savoie turned the tables on us, by interviewing our own Chip Brian, founder and CEO. Her blog, Savvy Home,  reveals more about Chip's personal sense of style on everything from color to summer reading. (Thank you for asking, Gabrielle!) 

We’re proud to share the news that, this summer, Design Development NYC’s work has also been featured on:

It has been a busy summer at Design Development NYC, with more great projects on the way. We look forward to working with YOU, very soon! 

SHOW + TELL: The DDNYC Design-Build Process


New Yorkers have strong opinions. And from Design Development NYC’s perspective, that’s a good thing: When you tell us your needs and wants in detail, we’re better able to create precisely the home you have in mind.

Our design-build process starts by asking our clients a lot of questions: What’s your life like? Do you work at home? So you have children or a parent living with you? Is cooking one of your favorite hobbies, or is your ideal fridge a wine cooler? Are you fanatical about order? Do white rooms feel peaceful—or sterile—to you?

We don’t assume a thing, because custom building is all about creating a space that’s tailor-made for our clients, never a reflection of our own signature style.

What’s more, we encourage you to ask us questions, too: Once we’re on the job, we want you to feel comfortable with the progress our team is making, and feel 100% assured that your work orders are being carried out to your specifications. Want to make a change? We’re here to discuss changes of heart before the job gets too far in.

Are on-site security or day-to-day progress reports a priority for you?  No problem: We will install on-site cameras at the project location that let you monitor the process off site, every step of the way, from demolition to dust cleanup.

Questions? Just ask us! The Design Development team is listening, and dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

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