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February 2013

Developing Personal Style

Behind the Scenes with P&T Interiors 

At Design Development NYC  we take pride in partnering with designers like Pol G. Theis, who know that the best interiors combine beauty and personality with a serious respect for the way things function.


“Clients come to P & T because they are looking for personalized service,” says the designer. As the founder of the Manhattan-based design firm P & T Interiors, Theis makes it his mission to gap the boundaries between a client’s vision, the strengths and weaknesses of a particular space, and the realities of everyday life. “None of my designs is ever generic,” says Theis.

As one of the most respected general contracting and construction management teams in the region, Design Development NYC understands that the lofts, apartments, and additions we design and build are places where real life takes place. So, whether we’re gut-renovating a 3,600-square-foot loft for a family of five or we’re crafting custom wood paneling and mouldings to quiet and dignify a collector’s study/guest room—right in Design Development’s own millwork shops—our goal is always to create a timeless space that will enrich the lives of the people who live in it.

We know that the closer attention we pay to each and every detail, the better the big picture will be: The better your general contractor, the better your results.

When we asked Pol Theis to tell us his favorite room to design, we discovered his philosophy reflects Design Development’s perfectly. He picked…well, watch this and see for yourself.

Interior Design: Pol G. Theis
Photography: Courtesy of P & T Interiors

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