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January 2014


At Design Development, we know there’s always room for improvement. And there’s no better time than midwinter—when days are cold and we’re spending more time than usual indoors—to develop a plan for spring and summer renovations. Whether it’s time to give your home a long-overdue facelift or a complete gut renovation, now’s the time to talk over your needs and wishes with our architecture, interior design, general contracting, and construction management professionals. We’ll help you develop your vision, develop your budget, develop a plan, and work with you closely throughout the design and construction process—from concept to completion.


Perhaps all this talk of the polar vortex has you fantasizing about installing a working fireplace in the living room or library. Chances are a month of holiday visits from family and friends made you realize you could use an extra bathroom or a media room that doubles as a guest bedroom. Maybe the time has come for a dedicated workspace where you can organize your thoughts and set your resolutions for the new year into action. And what New Yorker would not benefit from an efficient new kitchen and a little (or a lot of) extra storage space?


If getting dressed on winter’s dark mornings has set you to dreaming about a walk-in wardrobe, a better organized shoe closet, more functional powder room, a comfortable, well-lit corner to put your makeup on, or a place to tuck away the children’s toys, Design Development’s full service architecture, interior design, and construction teams are here to bring your dreams to reality.


As one of New York’s premier design-build firms, we’re committed to bringing your design goals to life, on budget and on time. For inspiration, we’d like to share with you just a few of our recent improvement projects.


Please let us know what Design Development can do for you in 2014. 

It's Time to Get Organized

Planning your next home renovation project 
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