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July 2013



Water and wind can destroy a house—but not a dream

That’s a phenomenon the team from Design Development NYC has witnessed over and over in the past nine months, as we have assisted homeowners in coastal and low-lying areas around the New York metropolitan area rebuild in the wake of Sandy.


Fred and Barbara Toborg were among the thousands of New Yorkers displaced when last fall’s Superstorm caused massive evacuations and destruction in neighborhoods throughout the region: When DDNYC’s Chip Brian learned that the retired couple—the long-time athletics coach at the Trinity School and a dynamic member of the Broad Channel Historical Society, respectively—had lost their home of 28 years to flood damage, he led the Design Development team to make improvements that would not only restore the structure, but also work to lessen the potentially ravaging effects of future storms. Understanding that a property located on a salt marsh remains in a vulnerable position, we installed water and vapor barriers underneath the floor system in the crawl space, incorporated flood vents in the foundation walls, and applied antimicrobial treatments in the crawl space and throughout the home’s water-damaged first floor.


This summer, we’re happy to report that the Toborgs are back in their beloved home on Jamaica Bay—their kitchen, their living areas, their deck, and their dream beautifully rebuilt.


If you own a property on the waterfront—or are considering investing in one—you’ll want to make every effort to ensure that your home is as resilient to water, wind, and bacterial damage as modern technology will allow. Contact us to find out how Design Development NYC can help you develop a plan to make your dream home safer, stronger, and more comfortable.


Photography by Jennifer Liseo for Design Development NYC

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