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June 2013



Eco-friendly Apartment Expansion, Optimizing Outdoor Spaces and theDesign Development NYC Personal Touch​​


We share your commitment to excellence and dedication to quality, and this June, Design Development NYC is focusing on finding solutions to your every need. We are truly going “above and beyond” and “high and outside” with two of our latest projects, a health-conscious upwards apartment expansion and a rooftop terrace transformation.

A Growing Family Makes an Eco-Friendly Loft Expansion

While moving to the suburbs is generally the solution for an expanding family, one growing family asked Design Development NYC to transform their dream into a reality by converting the two apartments into one light-filled loft, using health-conscious systems and eco-friendly, recycled materials. Rue Magazine featured the apartment in a twenty-page spread that highlights the beauty of this 3,800-square-foot, four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath duplex.



High and Outside: A Great Outdoor Space Starts with a
Solid Foundation

Design Development NYC co-founder Chip Brian recently spoke to the New York Post about creative solutions to the many obstacles that homeowners can face when building outdoor spaces. Although there are “unsexy components” to building an urban backyard, Design Development NYC’s team of highly trained artisans and licensed tradesmen is always ready to bring out the best in your project.



Worn Out Wednesdays: Mike Daddio’s Quality Work
and Style

Design Development NYC values quality in all aspects of life--whether it be with your home’s interior or co-founder Mike Daddio’s wardrobe. The Manual recently interviewed Mike on how he maintains his classic and polished style in the workspace and at home.

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